Getting started with your GlassFrog organization

1. Configure your organization's first circle
By default, when you create your GlassFrog organization, you are given an "Example Role", in your anchor circle (here "Sandbox"). Here's a definition of the anchor circle.

You can: 

  • Rename your anchor circle to whatever you like
  • Maintain your anchor circle as it is and create a sub-circle for your primary organization circle

2. Add your organization's purpose
See how to add your purpose to your GlassFrog chart. 

3. Create roles
A role is created the same way that a circle is created, by either creating a subrole or opening a governance meeting. You can read this article to learn more about this.

4. Invite new members to your organization
Find the section "Organization Members" section under the Admin section. This article provides further information.

  • Need to import a list of users? You can do this yourself as Admin, see this article
  • Want to start your organization without sending additional email notifications to your members? Contact us at

5. Assign members to roles
People need to be in roles to begin work and to start evolving the organization. It's the Circle Lead of the circle who assigns members to roles. First assign the Circle Lead. Then have the Circle Lead assign members to existing roles. In GlassFrog, only admins, secretary, and circle leads have the ability to assign members to roles.

Well done! You have started your GlassFrog organization!