What are Goals & Targets in GlassFrog?

Use the Goals & Targets add-on to manage OKRs or other alignment methods

What are Goals & Targets?

Goals & Targets is an add-on for GlassFrog Premium that is designed to help your organization efficiently create, track, and manage objectives at various levels - be it company-wide, within specific circles, or individual roles. Inspired by the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework, this feature provides a structured approach to setting and pursuing strategic goals. Goals & Targets can be used to support OKRs, as well as many other approaches to achieving strategic alignment throughout your organization.


To enable Goals & Targets, see How do I enable Goals & Targets for my organization?

What is included with Goals & Targets?

Goals & Targets allows you to track strategic goals or OKRs in every circle in your organization.

Each circle/team can decide what’s important, and transparently track its progress, related projects, and more. When you enable the Goals & Targets Add-On subscription, each Circle page gets a new tab, where you can manage Goals and the Targets or Projects associated with them. Each Goal and Target also has its own page where it can be viewed in more detail.


A new Goals step will also appear in the default Tactical Meeting format, and you’ll be able to add a Goals tab to any Custom Meeting template.

A ‘Goal’ is any strategic aim of a circle associated with a particular time period. You can create a Goal for a circle from the Goals tab — (see more on how to do that here). Goals can stand alone, or “support” (and be supported by) Goals in other circles. The “Owner” you set for a Goal or Target may be the role responsible for accomplishing it, or it may just be the point-person or person who reports on the Goal in meetings — this is flexible to fit whatever methodology your organization uses. Once you enable Goals & Targets, a Goals step will appear in the default Tactical Meeting format, and you will be able to add a Goals tab to any Custom Meeting template.

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Once you’ve created the Goal, you can add ‘Targets’ to it. Targets can be any measurable result associated with a goal. As time passes, you can update the Targets to track current progress, add context to your updates, and set the status of each Goal or Target so it’s easy to see if things are going well or if a Target needs more attention  — (see more on how to do that here[]). The Goal progress is automatically calculated from the progress of the Targets associated with it.


Want to see all the Goals & Targets associated with your roles? Check the Goals item in the left-hand sidebar to pull up Goals & Targets that have your roles set as “Owner.”


To learn more about how to create Goals and Targets, see How do I add Goals & Targets to my circles and roles?

To learn more about how to use Goals & Targets with OKRs, see How do you use Goals & Targets for OKRs?