How do you use Goals & Targets for OKRs?

Use GlassFrog's Goals & Targets add-on to track and manage Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

What are Goals & Targets?

Goals & Targets is an add-on for GlassFrog Premium that is designed to help your organization efficiently create, track, and manage objectives at various levels - be it company-wide, within specific circles, or individual roles. Inspired by the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework, this feature provides a structured approach to setting and pursuing strategic goals. Goals & Targets can be used to support OKRs, as well as many other approaches to achieving strategic alignment throughout your organization.


To enable Goals & Targets, see How do I enable Goals & Targets for my organization?

What are Objectives and Key Results?

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a goal-setting framework used by teams and individuals to set challenging, ambitious goals with measurable results. OKRs help organizations focus efforts on the same important issues throughout the organization. An Objective is a clearly defined goal to be achieved in the future, and the Key Results are measurable outcomes that track the achievement of that objective. You can read more about OKRs at Measure What Matters.

Goals = Objectives

In the context of Goals & Targets, a 'Goal' represents an Objective within the OKR framework. It's a strategic aim set by a circle or team, linked to a specific time frame. Goals can either be standalone or can interact with other Goals across different circles, enhancing organizational coherence and support.


Targets = Key Results

'Targets' correspond to Key Results in the OKR framework. They are measurable outcomes that are directly tied to the achievement of a Goal. Targets can be updated over time to reflect current progress, providing clear and measurable indicators of how close you are to achieving your Goals. Each Target’s status can be updated to reflect its current condition, making it easy to identify areas that are on track or need more attention.


Keeping Track of Progress

The success of implementing OKRs through Goals & Targets relies heavily on clear definitions, consistent tracking, and active engagement from all team members. GlassFrog makes your OKRs transparent and allows you to keep them front and center. Once you enable Goals & Targets, you’ll see a new ‘Goals’ step in the default Tactical Meeting format, and you’ll be able to add a Goals step to any Custom Meeting template (and change the name of the step to OKRs!).

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 10-49-24 General Ops Tactical

Status at a Glance

As your OKR period progresses, some OKRs go well, and others need more attention. In GlassFrog, you can set the health of an Objective or Key Result in an update, and add any notes on the current status. “On Track” items have a green symbol, while “Needs Attention” items have a yellow symbol, and “At Risk” items have a red symbol.


By aligning your Goals & Targets setup with the OKR framework, you can enhance clarity, focus, and alignment across your organization. This approach not only simplifies strategic goal-setting but also empowers teams to execute precisely and adapt swiftly to changes in organizational priorities or market conditions. Add Goals & Targets to your GlassFrog subscription today to get started!


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