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What are the changes between Holacracy v4.1 and v5.0 in GlassFrog?

What changes come with switching to v5 in GlassFrog?

The Holacracy Constitution changed significantly between v4.1 and v5.0. Some of these changes involve changes to GlassFrog functionality for organizations that switch to v5.0 in their Organization Settings.

These are detailed below:

  • First, there is a change in nomenclature:
    - Instead of Lead Link  → Circle Lead.
    - Rep Link → Circle Rep.
    - Individual Action → Individual Initiative.
    - There is a new term: Role Lead.
  • You can assign multiple Circle Leads (as opposed to v4, where you can only assign one Lead Link).
  • Structural roles (Secretary, Facilitator, Circle Lead, and Circle Rep) are hidden from the org chart. Filled structural roles will appear in the Roles list on the right-hand side of the page, but not in the chart (see below).

  • You can no longer add members to circles without roles. All members of circles must have roles to be considered part of the circle. Excluding circle members from meetings is no longer an option. All "de minimis" members become full circle members.
  • There are also changes to the purpose, domains, and accountabilities of the Core Roles (Facilitator, Secretary, and Circle Rep):

  • The Circle Lead no longer has any specific accountabilities, except those on the circle itself, and you can add accountabilities to the Anchor Circle's Circle Lead.
  • In v5, you can adopt the Constitution in a Modular way, article by article
  • If you're the only member of a circle, you can sub-structure your own roles and make edits to the circle's roles outside of Governance meetings or asynchronous proposals. In v5, the question of whether a role is a circle is a little more nuanced and is partly context-dependent. You will notice some changes to the org chart if your organization takes advantage of the option to sub-structure roles.
  • Role linking is available for GlassFrog Premium subscriber orgs. Premium orgs have an option in Governance to invite roles from other circles to join any circle that would like their input or support.
  • Creating role policies outside of a meeting is no longer allowed if there are multiple role-fillers.
  • Multi-filled roles can now hold meetings that concern only that role.

: If you're not sure these changes are right for your organization, you can check out the v5 Constitution here.

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