How do I pull a proposal I already created into a governance meeting? (premium)

How do I pull a proposal I already created into a governance meeting? (premium)

Premium users are able to create proposals outside of meetings and either save them as drafts or propose them immediately (See here for how to create an asynchronous proposal)

When you submit an asynchronous proposal, the other members of your circle will have a chance to either indicate "no objection" or else ask to discuss the proposal at a meeting.

If your proposal has been escalated to a meeting, you can import the existing proposal into the meeting, so you won't have to type it all out again.  You can also import any proposal that was drafted but never actually proposed.  Or, if you've only gotten partial responses, you can import any currently open proposal, if you'd like to hurry things along.

See the below screenshot of an Agenda Items page. As you can see, there are three agenda items present: one that has a drafted proposal, one with no proposal yet and another one that has a proposal that was sent out to other users asynchronously (one of whom asked that it be brought to a meeting).

Any or all of these can be brought to a Governance meeting.  Alternatively, they can stay in your Agenda Items page until you're ready to act on them.

During the next governance meeting of the appropriate circle, you can click the " Import Tensions" button below the agenda item textbox:

In the dialogue box that appears, select whichever items you're ready to act on:

The agenda items and the associated proposals will then be automatically loaded into the meeting, ready for the next steps in the governance process: