How do I create a tag in GlassFrog? (Premium)

How do I create a tag in GlassFrog? (Premium)

Tags are any labels you can think of that would help you create groups within your organization. They can be associated with people or roles and will help keeping track of all sorts of things like skill sets, certifications, the amount of focus time the member is committing to the organization, dietary preferences, etc. Get creative!  

How do I create a tag?

Free-form tags can be added to a member's People page - just search for their name or click on their avatar anywhere within GlassFrog to locate their page. 

Screen Shot 2024-04-22 at 12.43.56 PM

Once you have located your own, or another member's page, you can create new tags by clicking on the "+ Tag" button:
Screen Shot 2024-04-22 at 12.50.49 PM

Tags can also be added to roles/circles by clicking on the role wanted and then on the + Tag button:
Screen Shot 2024-04-22 at 12.42.09 PM

GlassFrog will automatically present tags already created when you start typing in the tag field, so you can directly choose from them (helping to keep your tag names consistent) or create a new one:

Once tags have been added you can click on them to get more details:

On the tag page you can:

  • see the list of people who own the tag
  • edit the tag to add a description or change the tag name
  • view the history of the tag itself as well as the people who have owned it.