How do I create a cross-link between two circles?

Cross Links are created to invite any entity or group to participate within another Circle’s Governance Process and operations. In GlassFrog, there are two ways you can create Cross Links:


1/ Both circles create a Cross Link defined role during a Governance meeting.

This can be created in two circles of the same organization or across two different organizations if the Linked Entity is external to the organization.

Here is a concrete example of what that role would look like when it is created across two organizations: Target Circle and Linked Entity.

2/ A policy is created in the circle receiving the Cross Link (Target Circle) to express the need of a Cross Link. Once the policy has been adopted, the Secretary can open a Governance meeting by themselves and create the Cross Link role, which then will be assigned by the Circle Lead.

To create the cross link, first open a Governance meeting, enter an agenda item, and then click on Add/Edit Role and select -- Invite outside Role to link in --:

Then you will be able to pick what role to invite, and accept proposal:

Please note that only one person may be assigned to each Cross Link Role, unless allowed by the Cross Link Policy. Here is an example of a Cross Link Policy.

See Holacracy Constitution Article 1.3.4 for more information on Cross-Links.