How do I add an email integration with a third-party application? (premium)

To make integrating with GlassFrog easier, we've started with a basic 'email-to' functionality. You can add email addresses to sync with systems that accept email forwards like OmniFocus Mail Drop or Toodledo.

GlassFrog will send the following emails:

  • Your new projects, actions, triggers, or tensions taken during a tactical meeting. One email per item, sent when the meeting is closed.
  • Your new projects that you've added via your projects page, or in your circle's projects tab. One email per item, sent when you add the item.

You can access this option through the "Integrations" tab in Your Profile & Settings section:

Most third-party project-management applications can be configured to create entries from an email. 
 If your third-party solution requires emails to come from a specific email address (like Asana does), you will need to set up forwarding with your email provider.  When the email from GlassFrog arrives in your inbox, your forwarding rule will send the email to your third-party application.  

For instructions on how to accomplish this in Gmail, check this out:  Automatically forward Gmail messages to another account