GlassFrog-OmniFocus Sync Tool usage notes

GlassFrog-OmniFocus Sync Tool usage notes

Below you will find answers to some common issues/questions about the GlassFrog-OmniFocus Sync Tool.

MacOS Mojave  


If you are running MacOS Mojave, please note that when you first run this new version, a prompt will pop up asking you to grant permission for the Sync Tool to interact with OmniFocus.


Some of my roles aren't appearing in OmniFocus after running the sync, but I want to add projects to them in OmniFocus and have them sync up to GlassFrog.

If you don't have any active projects or actions on one of your roles in GlassFrog, then the OmniFocus folder for that role will be marked "dropped", making it disappear from the default view in OmniFocus. The same is true for your circles.

To see all of your roles and circles in OmniFocus, whether they have active projects or not, change your OmniFocus "View" options to show "All" instead of just "Remaining". Then the hidden folders will become visible in OmniFocus, and you can add projects to them.

Can I change the name of a circle or role folder in OmniFocus after it's synced down from GlassFrog?

Yes, you can customize the name of any of the folders within the sync hierarchy in OmniFocus without affecting the sync. However, please note that if the role or circle gets renamed in GlassFrog, then this will overwrite your custom folder name the next time the sync runs.

What is the sync behavior when adding new actions to a completed project?

If you add a new action to a complete project in OmniFocus, the project will automatically become active again.  However in GlassFrog, new actions can be added to a completed project, and the project will remain completed.  This difference may cause some unexpected behaviors when you are syncing between GlassFrog and OmniFocus.  Consider the following scenario:

    1) Add a new action to a completed project in GlassFrog.  (Ensure the project has already been synced to OmniFocus.)

    2) Run the sync.

    3) The new action will sync to OmniFocus, but OmniFocus will mark the containing project as active.

    4) Run another sync.

    5) Because the project status changed on the OmniFocus side, the project in GlassFrog will be marked as "current".

The sync is stuck running and it never completes, and I can't quit the Sync Tool.  What can I do?

This is a known bug in MacOS Mojave.  Until it is fixed with a new release by Apple, please use the Activity Monitor application to "Force Quit" the GlassFrog-OmniFocus Sync Tool, restart OmniFocus, and then re-launch the Sync tool.