There is a feature in GlassFrog that allows personalizing the profile page of the organization members. This is a functionality only available for organizations that subscribe to GlassFrog Premium, and its setup must be done by a GlassFrog Admin of the organization.

  • As a GlassFrog administrator, to add custom fields to the profile pages of the members of your organization, you need to first go to 'Organization Settings' of your Admin menu. 

  • Select the 'Settings' tab and at the bottom, click on the "Add Custom Profile Field" button. Once this is done, don't forget to click the Save button.

  • Now that your custom profile fields have been created, any member of the organization can add to these fields by going to 'Your Profile & Settings' section and to the 'About' tab.
  •  Click on the "Edit" button and fill in the fields and click on the "Save" button. Now this information will be visible on your profile page/about tab by all other members of your organization only.