What changes come with switching to v5?

  • First, there is a change in nomenclature:
    - Instead of Lead Link, the name for that role will be Circle Lead.
    - Similarly, Rep Link → Circle Rep.
    - Individual Action → Individual Initiative.

    - And there is a new term: Role Lead.

  • You will gain the ability to assign multiple Circle Leads (as opposed to v4, where you can only assign one Lead Link).

  • You will no longer be able to add members to circles without roles. All members of circles must have roles to still be considered part of the circles.

  • Also, excluding circle members from meetings will no longer be an option. All de minimis members will become full circle members.

  • You will notice changes to the purpose, domains, and accountabilities of the Core Roles (Facilitator, Secretary, etc.):

  • You will gain the ability to sub-structure your own roles outside of Governance meetings or asynchronous proposals.

  • In v5, the question of whether a role is a circle is a little more nuanced and is now partly context-dependent. You will notice some changes to the org chart if your organization takes advantage of the option to sub-structure roles.

  • GlassFrog will no longer allow the creation of role policies outside of a meeting, if there are multiple role-fillers.

  • Multi-filled roles will now be able to hold meetings that concern only that role.

Note: If you're not sure this is right for your organization, you can get more information on Version 5.0 of the Holacracy Constitution by clicking here.

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