Most policies are created during Governance meetings. However, if you have a domain on your role, then you can create and update policies related to that domain at any time, without the need for a Governance meeting.

  • How to Create a Policy During a Governance Meeting
To create a policy when processing a Governance agenda item, the secretary would select the "Add/Edit Policy" and choose the "-- New Policy --" option.

The secretary then enters all of the information in the requested fields and click on the "Accept Proposal" button.

The policy is now created and can be viewed in the "Policies" tab of the circle view.

  • How to Create a Policy on a Role's Domain

If a role owns a domain, then any role-filler can add a policy on that domain.

On the role's page, under the Domains section, a "+policy" will appear under each domain listed. Clicking on it will allow the role-filler to add a policy on that domain.

Fill in the title and body fields and click on the "Add" button.

Now "(1 policy) +" will appear under the Domain section. You can edit the policy or add a new one by clicking on it.

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