So you've decided to get a different support tool for your Holacracy practice but don't want to bother recreating the entire structure for your organization?

GlassFrog allows to import existing structures from a .xml file, and the best part is you don't have to do anything, our support team takes care of it for you! 

Contact for assistance.

Data that gets migrated:

  • Creates circles and roles and includes domains and accountabilities,
  • Creates role and circle policies,
  • Creates role and circle notes,
  • Creates circle metrics and checklist items,
  • Adds people to the org without sending them welcome emails,
  • Fills people into roles,
  • Creates projects and associates them with people and roles,
  • Creates agenda items (tensions) and associates them with people,
  • Creates actions and associates them with people, circles, and projects,
  • Saves data for meeting history (only from Holaspirit)
    • Sends emails with login info for folks who haven’t received emails yet (optional).