The rules, structure, and processes of the Holacracy framework are evolving and Constitution Version 5.0 was recently released. So naturally, GlassFrog allows you to switch your organization to v5. 

How to switch to v5?

To convert your organization, you need to have Admin rights

1) In the Admin menu, select "Organization Settings".

2) In the Constitution tab, click on the button "Upgrade to Holacracy v5".

It should only take a few moments to upgrade your organization.

When the upgrade is complete, the organization will be on v5 and you will see the list of Preamble and all Articles that you will be able to modify one by one by clicking on the pencil icon to the far right (except Article 1 who is not editable). 

It will look something like that:

If you click on a pencil icon to edit an Article, you will have the option to:
  •  Keep the rule defined by the Holacracy Constitution v5
  • Use the traditional Management Hierarchy
  • Create your own Custom Rules

To see what changes between v4.1 and v5.0, please check out this article.