Circles can be deleted in Governance meetings, or through Asynchronous Governance proposals (for Premium organizations).  This article explains how to delete a circle through a Governance meeting.




First, start a Governance meeting for the supercircle of the circle you want to delete.  In the example below, the circle we want to delete is called Loans and it resides in the Finance circle.  Therefore, we are starting a Governance meeting of the Finance circle.

After starting the Governance meeting, add an agenda item.  In the proposal, select Add/Edit Role, and find the name of the circle in the list of roles.

Once you select the Loans circle from the list of roles, the role parameters will pop up.  At the bottom, you will see a checkbox saying "Remove this circle".  If you select it, you will get several options.  If the circle has any roles or policies, you will have the option to move them into the supercircle.  Check the boxes to select those.  You will also see options allowing you to keep Loans as a role in Finance (but removing its circle status) or to delete it entirely.

Once you have selected the desired options, you can accept the proposal at the bottom of the page, and the circle will be deleted!