Please note that Habit Support is a GlassFrog Premium feature.  Click here to see how to upgrade an organization to Premium.

Also please note that the following guide is for users looking for a way to enable (or disable) habits on their own account.  If you are an Admin who is turning on Holacracy Habits for the organization for the first time, please click here for instructions.

Also, if you have a viewer account, please talk to your organization's Admins before enrolling yourself in Habit Support.  If you enroll in Habit Support, you will lose your viewer account status and become a regular paid member of the organization.

  • Once Habit Support has been turned on for an organization, it will be available for all users in that organization.  You can check whether Habit Support has been turned on by heading over to this page:
  • (You can also find this page by using the menu that drops down from your picture, in the far right of the navigation bar at the top of the page.)


  • If the program has not been enabled for your organization, the page will look like this:

  • In that case, please contact an Admin to enable Habits for your organization.
  • If the program has been enabled for your organization, but you are not yet enrolled, the page will look like this:

  • In that case, click the button to enroll yourself in the program.
  • It's possible that your organization will have enrolled you already.  If you are already enrolled in the program, the page will look like this:

  • You can use the red link to unenroll yourself from the program, if you so wish.
  • In the above image, only the first lesson is visible.  As you can see, it is grayed out.  It will become available to you within 24 hours of enrolling in the program, when you receive the first email.  More lessons will become available to you as the program progresses.  Every few days you will get an email telling you that a new lesson is available.
  • You can unsubscribe from the emails, separately from whether you are enrolled in the program or not.  The program will progress, whether you are subscribed to the emails or not.  The link to unsubscribe from the emails will be available at the bottom of each email you receive.
  • If you are unsubscribed from the emails, there will be a link on the lessons page to re-subscribe, available above the list of lessons:

  • That should be enough to get you started with the Habit Support Program.  Any further questions can be directed to us at