If you need help creating a tension you can refer to this article: Add tension to Inbox

Each tension can be in your Inbox just for you to think about, or it can be turned into an Action, Project, or Agenda Item to bring to a meeting, by clicking directly on the item itself, or by clicking on the three dots to the right of the item:


  • If you choose to create an Action, a new window will pop up, as shown:You will then be able to capture your Next Action, associate it to an existing Project if it applies, and/or save it as a Trigger by ticking the checkbox at the bottom of the interface.

  • If you choose a Project, a similar window will pop up:

    You will capture the outcome wanted and fill in the fields as desired: making the project private to the circle or not, adding the corresponding accountability of the role working on the project, adding a link relevant to the project, and even evaluate the value of the effort needed to achieve the result.

  • If you choose Agenda Item, the following options will pop up, along with a tip:

    There, you'll be able to pick which one of your roles is raising the tension and to which meeting, Tactical or Governance, it should be addressed.

Note: When you process a tension into a Project, Action, or Agenda Item, it will cross itself off in the Inbox.  However, you can still use the three dots to the right of the crossed-off item (visible when you hover your cursor) to add more Actions, Projects, and Agenda Items.

On a reload, the crossed off items will disappear from Inbox and instead show up only in the other appropriate sections. You can also use the "Clean up" button to get rid of the crossed out items without doing a full reload.

Once all of your tensions are processed and saved, you can find each item in their corresponding entry in the upper navigation bar: Projects, Actions, and Agenda Items.