Congratulations on upgrading to GlassFrog Premium, or we hope you're enjoying your free trial! Here are some of the features you can now access (a full list of such features is available on the GlassFrog Pricing page).

1. Habit Support

The Habit Support Program was designed by our expert coaches to help your team build organizational skills, habits, and practices. You'll receive an email when a new lesson is ready and you can review current and past lessons at any time in GlassFrog. The complete program is currently available in French and English.

Your Administrators might have signed you up for these already. If not, you can sign yourself up on this page: Habit Support.

If you are an Administrator and would like to sign up other users in your organization, see the following article: How do I enable the Habit Support program?

2. Live Q&A

Got a question about a habit or best practices? Need help figuring out how to process a tension? Come and ask an expert Coach!

Scheduled monthly. Check the following link to see the schedule: Live Q&A.

3. Create Asynchronous Governance Proposals

Asynchronous Governance proposals allow you to propose governance outside of a Governance meeting.

See the article linked above for more information on how to create those.

4. Tagging

Tagging allows you to convey categories easily and bring together disparate elements in your organization.

Here's how you tag a person in GlassFrog.

Here's how you tag a role in GlassFrog.

5. Creating a Custom Section on a circle's page

You can make custom sections on your circles' pages. See the article linked above for more information.

6. SSO (Single Sign-On)

See the article above for information on how to set up SSO (Single Sign-On) for your organization.

7. Circle-based Integrations

Are you using group-based tools like Trello or Asana and want to receive GlassFrog notifications there? Now you can with circle-based email notifications. See the setup in the article linked above.

8. Meeting Reports

With Meeting Reports, you can see information about each of your organization's circles, such as the number of roles and members in a circle, how long it has been since the last Tactical meeting or Governance meeting and average agenda items processed. Click the link above for more info.

9. Integration with Slack

Is your organization using Slack? Do you want to be able to send Governance proposals for your circle to a Slack channel instead of email? Click the link above to see how you can integrate GlassFrog with Slack.

(More features are listed on the GlassFrog Pricing page. Check that out for more information.)