1/ In the upper navigation bar, go to Inbox.

The inbox is a repository for all your new tensions. 

From the inbox you will be able to turn those tensions into Projects, Actions, or Agenda Items to bring to Tactical or Governance meetings.

2/ Once you enter the Inbox, it will look something like this:

3/ Clicking the button "Add Tension" will pop up a window where you will be able to capture your tension and select which one of your roles sense the tension from the scroll down menu, as shown below:

4/ Click the button "Add" and the tension will be kept in your Inbox until processed.

5/ You can always edit or delete a tension after it's been created by clicking on the three dots (to the right of the item):

Note: There is also a "Quick Add" function that you can reach from the plus sign in the navigation bar. 

           This will pop up a small interface to add tensions quickly, as shown below:

For more about tensions in Inbox, please check the following link: Action, Project, and Agenda Item