When you are practicing Holacracy you'll likely hear about a term called a "Personal System".    A good place to start to understand this term is the Holacracy Constitution, which specifies the responsibilities associated with filling a role in section 1.2.  These responsibilities include tracking projects, next-actions and tensions: 

1.2.4 Tracking Projects, Next-Actions, & Tensions

You are responsible for capturing and tracking all Projects and Next-Actions for your Role in a database or similar tangible form, and for regularly reviewing and updating that database to maintain it as a trusted list of the Role’s active and potential work. You are also responsible for tracking any Tensions you identify for your Role, at least until you process them into desired Projects or Next-Actions, or otherwise resolve them.

It is this "trusted list" or database tool that we refer to as a "personal system".  

What personal system should I use?

  • GlassFrog itself can be used to track your projects and next actions as a lightweight personal system.
  • A great list of other tools to help track such information can be found on the Getting Things Done website