To add bulk members to GlassFrog using a CSV file, you'll need to ensure that the file is properly formatted with the required information. Here's what you should include in the CSV file and the format for each field:

  1. Name: This should be the full name of the member.

  2. Email Address: The email address associated with the member's GlassFrog account or the email where they will receive the invitation.

  3. Role: The role or roles the member will have within the circle or organization. You can specify this as a text field.

  4. Admin Status: You can give admin permissions for each member. 

Here's an example of what the CSV file might look like:

csvCopy code
Name,Email Address,Role,Permissions
John Doe,,Member,Editor
Jane Smith,,Member,Viewer
Alice Johnson,,Member,
Bob Brown,,Member,

Please note:

  • Each line represents a single member's information.
  • The order of columns (Name, Email Address, Role, Permissions) should match the order specified in your organization's CSV import process.

Always refer to your specific GlassFrog documentation or consult with your organization's GlassFrog administrator to ensure you're using the correct format and fields for your particular setup.

As a GlassFrog Admin you can import a list of members using a CSV file. 

  • Create a CSV file (in Excel or any other program - but make sure it's saved as .csv extension, with comma delimiters).
  • An import may time out if the file of people to be imported contains too many rows. If an import times out, try splitting up the file into smaller files and uploading each one separately.
  • The format should be as in the example below:  
    • First row = column headers
    • Columns should be in this order: 
      • Full Name
      • Email Address (the email address cannot already be associated with a GlassFrog account)
      • Circle (one per column) - name may be the Circle's full name or short name. If you don't want to assign users to circles, you may leave those columns blank.


  • Once you have saved the CSV file, select Account Members from the Admin menu.
  • Next, select the Import New Members button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then, follow the prompts to upload the CSV file.


  • An email will be sent to each imported user welcoming them to GlassFrog and allowing them to set up their password.
  • If the import page mentions the option to upload a password, then you are in a demo organization and should include that column after the email and before the circle names. 8-40 characters, and make sure you include at least one letter and one number or special character.