Updating the Domains and Accountabilities assigned to the highest level circle in the organization (often referred to as a "Anchor" circle, but may be renamed in your organization) is accomplished by editing the settings of the circle.   This is because such settings are normally set by the super-circle and in the case of the Anchor circle there is no super-circle. 

  • To add or change the Anchor circle's Domains, Accountabilities (or Organization's Purpose, as well as Lead Link, etc.) navigate to the circle page for the Anchor Circle and click the Gear Icon next to the circle name. 
  • The gear icon will only be visible if you are the Lead Link of the circle, or the circle's Secretary or GlassFrog Admin who can make such a change at the request of the Lead Link or other role-filler accountable to define the organization's purpose.
  • Add or update the desired fields in the resulting dialogue and click Save.
    • Note that the screenshot below was taken from a premium organization, so it will have additional configurations beyond those available for a GlassFrog free organization.