When you have a tension and want to expect something of a role or circle as a result here are the options for how to process that tension into a governance proposal.

  1. Write the tension down as an Action in GlassFrog or in your personal system and ask the circle's Secretary to add an agenda item for your topic when you attend your next governance meeting, or
  2. Propose governance outside of a meeting (premium GlassFrog feature) and process the tension asynchronously, or
  3. Capture your tension in GlassFrog under the Tensions menu and follow the instructions below to bring that agenda item into a live governance meeting yourself (premium).

To pull in a tension recorded in GlassFrog to a governance meeting:

  • Select the Tensions menu and either add a new tension or edit one you already have captured
  • Add or update the nature of the tension
  • Select the Circle for the role you fill that is feeling the tension
  • Ensure that the "For Governance" box is checked
  • Provide a label for the meeting agenda and select Add (or Update if an existing tension). 

  • Then select Add Proposal:

  • Once the Proposal builder launches, fill out the proposal as the Secretary would during a Governance meeting with as much information as you have formulated about your tension.
    • If your proposal is complete you can use the Propose Now button to send an email (or Slack post if your circle has that configured) to process the proposal asynchronously, or
    • If you would like to bring this item to a meeting to discuss with your circle members use Save for Meeting.
      • See this article on how to bring the item into your circle's next Governance meeting.