Admins have a number of specific powers in GlassFrog.  These can be divided into three categories: the Admin menu in the navigation bar, the gear icon on the circle page, and other miscellaneous powers.*

*Please note, the following are just what Admins can do in GlassFrog, not what they are responsible for.  There is a standard process for changing many of the below items.  For instance, Lead Links generally decide when/if to add new members to a circle.  As another example, the auto-accept time limit on proposals is usually set by policy first and then made fact by an Admin or the circle's Secretary.

The Admin menu:

There are five items on the Admin menu:

1. Account Members

2. Holacracy Habit Support Program (Premium)

3. Global Checklist & Metrics

4. Organization Settings

6. Billing and Plans

The Gear Icon on the Circle Page:

This gear icon gives you more settings on the largest circle than on the other circles.  The following screenshots are from a premium organization.  You will have less options if you are in a free organization.

Outermost circle:


Miscellaneous Admin Powers:

                Adding a user to a Circle (with or without a role assignment)

                    Excluding role fillers from meetings

                    Adding checklist items to a circle

                    Adding metrics to a circle

                Adding notes to a role I don't fill 

                Adding a new outer circle

                Upgrading my organization to Premium

                Making custom sections in the sidebar of a Circle (Premium)

                Deactivating my organization