You can record your tensions in GlassFrog to keep track of them, and to keep them in a convenient place to bring to Tactical and Governance meetings. 


(Premium orgs can also turn tensions into proposals that can be processed outside of meetings.  See the following article for more information about that: How do I create an Asynchronous Governance proposal?

To save a tension:

  • First, decide whether you want to bring the tension to a meeting, or whether you're still deciding how to process it.
  • If you're still deciding what to do with the tension, head to your Inbox.  Tensions can be held there indefinitely, or turned into projects, actions, or agenda items.
  • If you've already decided to turn your tension into an agenda item for a meeting, head to your Agenda Items.
  • Once there, you will have different options, based on whether your org is Free or Premium.  Premium users will be able to create either agenda items or full proposals.  Free users will just be able to create agenda items.

  • If you click on "Add Agenda Item", the following will pop up: