Review this list to see the many ways GlassFrog allows you to manage your actions!

Note: only you can see your actions in GlassFrog.  However others will still see a listing of actions assigned to circle members during Tactical meetings in their email notifications.  

Table of Contents

Mark an action as completed?

There are two ways: 

1) Via the Actions page - check the circle next to the action to move the action to Done

2) Via the Projects page - check the box next to the action on the checklist. 

Review triggers?

Select the Triggers tab to see what upcoming items may need processing:

Manage completed actions?

Select the Done tab under Actions to view actions that have been completed.

  • Note that these actions can be unchecked to move them back to current. 

Sort and filter actions?

  • Select the Sort drop down to to see your actions by the following order:


  • Use the Role drop down to filter by just one role: 

  • Use the Circle drop down to filter actions by circle: