Adding new actions may be done during Tactical meetings, and can also be added and tracked using the Actions tab, or added directly to an existing project. Here's how:

Actions Tab

1) To add an action using the Actions tab, Click on Actions, then "Add Action".

2) Enter a description of the action, then select the circle and role that you will be performing the action under.  You can also associate the action with a project if desired, then click "Add" to save the action.


If you can't start work on an action until later or until after some other event has occurred, click the checkbox next to "I can't do this yet, add a trigger". Then add the date or triggering event as needed.

Adding Actions to a Project

You can also add actions quickly to a project from the Projects page.

Simply type in the "Add an action" field and GlassFrog will automatically create an action checklist for you!

See also: How do I process my actions?