GlassFrog is now available on iOS and Android devices, including both phones and tablets.  

GlassFrog Mobile is designed for looking up governance records and capturing tensions.  This is an early edition of GlassFrog Mobile, more features will be added as we receive feedback.  Got a suggestion or need help? Contact us at



Once you logon you'll be brought to your home page which lists the circles in your GlassFrog organization:

From there, you can tap on a role or circle to view its governance records, as well as:

  • Search - use the Search bar to find specific people, roles, circles, domains, policies, accountabilities and role notes.
  • Log tensions - access your tensions via the inbox icon:to add a new tension or review and update an existing one.
  • Review your accountabilities by tapping the user profile icon in the upper left corner to see your circles and roles.
  • Look up the members of your organization and see their roles and circles using the people icon, and tap through to find role notes and domains.
  • Review meeting processes by selecting the  document icon.