There are times where it makes sense to pull a circle out of a sub-circle and allow it to stand alone.  In order to do this the larger, super-circle will have to be involved.   This example we will discuss how to move the IT circle to sit at the same level as the Support circle. 

At a Governance meeting of the super-circle, in this case the "GCC", the tension is processed by selecting the option to "Restructure Sub-Circle".

Note that in this case the GCC is acting upon it's sub-circle, "Support" to effect this change.  That's because to the GCC, the circle: "IT" just looks like a role.

  • The Secretary would select to Restructure the Sub-Circle Support
  • And then select the role "IT".
  • Depending on the tension that's likely all that would be needed, as all roles, domains and policies currently in the IT role/circle will move with it. 

Once this proposal is accepted, the result will be that the IT circle has moved out of Support, and now sits along side it. 

  • Note that the GCC Lead Link will need to appoint a Lead Link for the IT circle
  • Then the IT circle will need to hold a Governance meeting to elect Facilitator, Secretary and Rep Links
  • The other roles in IT will retain the role-fillers that existed prior to the move.