There are times where it makes sense to pull a sub-circle out of the circle where it's currently living and allow it to stand alone.  In order to do this, the larger super-circle will have to be involved.  In this example we will discuss how to move the IT circle (as shown in the picture) to sit at the same level as the Support circle. 

First, you'll have to open a Governance meeting of the super-circle, in this case the "GCC".  Once the meeting is open, add an agenda item.  Select that agenda item and then choose the option to "Restructure Sub-Circle".

In this case the GCC is restructuring the circle "Support".  Once you select the Support circle, you should see options to move roles/circles out of Support and into the broader GCC.

In this case, use the checkbox to choose the role "IT".

  • Depending on the tension that's likely all that would be needed, as all roles, domains and policies currently in the IT role/circle will move with it. 

Once this proposal is accepted, the result will be that the IT circle has moved out of Support, and now sits alongside it.