Are you more of the type to browse through information?  Ever want to see a listing of all the content for your GlassFrog organization?   Well, you can find an index in GlassFrog in one of two ways, see the instructions below. 

1) The easiest way is to just type a space into the GlassFrog search bar and hit enter:

What is returned is a list of nearly everything in your organization, including:

  • People
  • Circles
  • Roles
  • Policies
  • Role Notes. 

Note that you'll need to continue using search or view a circle or role to find the list of Projects and Domains. 

2) You can also edit this link, replacing [your organization IDincluding the brackets, with your ID.✓&organization_id=[your organization ID]&search=+

Don't know what your GlassFrog organization ID is?
No problem!  Simply select the Organization tab, then Organization Chart, and take note of your browser's address line.  At the end of the URL will be your organization's ID, as in this case for HolacracyOne which is "5".