Cross Links are created to invite any entity or group to participate within another Circle’s Governance Process and operations.

In GlassFrog, there are two ways you can create Cross Links:


1/ Both circles create a Cross Link defined role during a Governance meeting.

This can be created in two circles of the same organization or across two different organizations if the Linked Entity is external to the organization.

Here is a concrete example of what that role would look like when it is created across two organizations: Target Circle and Linked Entity.


2/ A policy is created in the circle receiving the Cross Link (Target Circle) to express the need of a Cross Link. Once the policy has been adopted, the Secretary can open a Governance meeting by themselves and create the Cross Link role, which then will be assigned by the Circle Lead.

To create the cross link, first open a Governance meeting, enter an agenda item, and then click on Add/Edit Role and select -- Invite outside Role to link in --:

Then you will be able to pick what role to invite, and accept proposal:

Please note that only one person may be assigned to each Cross Link Role, unless allowed by the Cross Link Policy. Here is an example of a Cross Link Policy.

See Holacracy Constitution Article 1.3.4 for more information on Cross-Links.