We all hate errors.  When the following one occurs there could be several things going on. 

"Well shucks - we've got an error here.  Your recent changes may not be saved, so please copy any changes and refresh the page."

This error can occur in GlassFrog in at least two different cases:

  1. The local PC connection is experiencing a connection issue with the network.  This may be temporary and in most cases refreshing the page to reload the contents can help.
  2. Backend Server errors.  This is something typically unique to the specific action or account trying to update something on the GlassFrog server.  If you can note: 
    • what you were doing when this happened
    • the URL in the address bar of the page when it happened
    • the email account the error occurred under 
    • And the date/time and time zone where the error occured

This can help us find the problem in our logs and then a solution!