Errors can happen on your computer or in your browser when running GlassFrog that we don't have access to.  So if you are able to recreate an error it would help us to have more data to allow our  developers to fix issues that GlassFrog may be experiencing more quickly.  Thank you for doing this!

Here are the instructions for capturing the Console errors if you are running with a Chrome browser (although there are similar features in all major browsers).

1) Load GlassFrog and go to the menu, section or meeting where the error occurred

2) Right Click and select Inspect from the menu: 

3) Sselect the Console menu and then click on the stop icon to clear the current contents of the Console results:

5) Next, repeat the steps to recreate the issue while the Console is still open.  What you'll see is the Console page filling up with messages. 

6) When you have been able to reproduce the error or situation you are seeing, send us the Console data by Right clicking in the Console area and select Save as...  and save the .log file to your computer. 

7) Send this file in an email to:   Please include a brief description of the steps you followed to recreate the problem.

Well done!  Thanks for helping to make GlassFrog better!