Don't want to wait for a governance meeting?  Want to process a tension right when you sense it? 

If you are a member of a premium GlassFrog organization, you can create what we call an "asynchronous governance proposal" or "governance outside of a governance meeting".

Here are the steps to create a proposal:

  • Go to the My Tensions page. 
  • You will see two buttons to the right labeled "Add Proposal" and "Add Tension".  You can turn any existing tension into a proposal, or you can start crafting the proposal from scratch.

  • If you click the "Add Proposal" button, you will be given a choice of your circles.
  • After choosing one of them, a screen will pop up that looks like this:

  • You can enter a description of your tension and then craft a proposal that you think might address it.

That's it!  You are on your way to creating governance outside of a governance meeting.


  • Domains - to add or edit an existing domain you would do so through an existing role
  • Sub-circles - remember that sub-circles are considered "roles" to the super-circle, so new accountabilities and domains can be added to that role here as well
  • Delete - use the small "x" to the far right of the proposal part to remove that part in the proposal.
  • Escalations - any circle member can request to bring your proposal to a governance meeting.  Remember that they just might need some more information to understand your tension or have some information they need to share to make the proposal clearer.  It's not a negative to have an asynchronous proposal raised to a meeting, it's your circle members helping you out!
  • Auto-Accept Time Limit - your circle's Secretary can set a time limit on how long circle members can review an asynchronous proposal before it will automatically become governance.   See this FAQ on how this is done.   The default setting is to have no time out set.