Context to share with anyone using GlassFrog preview

GlassFrog supports a version of the production database called "Preview".  This version of GlassFrog accesses the same database as the production (stable) version of GlassFrog, but it also includes our newest features that are still in development for the current release.

Preview is intended to allow our developers and HolacracyOne partners to test out new features and find bugs before they're released into the production version of GlassFrog, making a better product for all.  

We'd like to invite you to join in getting a "preview" of what is about to be released and to give us feedback so that we can be even quicker about catching bugs or to see when features aren't quite hitting the mark. 

A few disclaimers (there's always the fine print!)

  • Since Preview accesses the same database as our production version, any actions you take in Preview will also show up in the production version (e.g. deleting a role in Preview will also delete it in production).
  • Preview changes a couple times a week with the latest features, so it's likely to have bugs.
  • If you find any, we'd love to hear about it at Please let us know that you're using Preview when you ran into the bug so we can more easily isolate the issue.
  • We won't have documented the new features released in Preview, and the functionality may change a few times before it's released to our production version.

With all these disclaimers in mind, if you're still interested in checking out Preview, you can access it anytime by logging in through 

Note that you'll still have access to the production version as well by going to, and that both Preview and production can be accessed simultaneously.

Hope you enjoy it! If you don't end up using it, that's totally okay too.

If you have any follow up questions about Preview, feel free to contact us at

Thank you for all your contributions and for partnering with HolacracyOne.