As a HolacracyOne Super Admin, you can set up a GlassFrog organization so that members do not receive emails from Tactical and Governance meetings until after the organization’s production start date if this is set. 


  • Create a new organization
  • As Super Admin, search for the organization, and once available, select the Edit button.
  • In the "Advanced Settings" section, set the production start date to the future.
  • Then configure the org however you need to, meeting notices will not be sent. 

What is not sent:

  • Role assignments 
  • Tactical meeting summaries
  • Governance meeting summaries

What emails are still sent?

  • new account creation
  • importing of new accounts via Excel spreadsheet
  • Habit Support emails*

* See this FAQ on how to turn off (or not begin) the Habit Support emails so that these will not be sent to members during the early implementation phases.