You can find your own GlassFrog projects as well as those of your circle members in several ways.  

Personal Projects.  To view your own projects you can go to the Projects link in the top navigation bar.  That will take you to the Projects page where you will find a list of your projects organized by circle and by the roles you fill, as in the picture below.  

  • If you have a lot of projects you can use the Search All Projects button to search through the list. 
  • You can also use the Add Project button to, well, add a new project at any time. 
  • Edit a project?  Use the pencil tip icon to the far right of the project to edit an existing project. 

Projects by Circle?   Or maybe you are about to go to a Tactical meeting?  You can also view your projects associated to a particular circle by going to the correct circle page and then clicking on the Projects tab.  

Here you will be able to view and sort the circle's projects according to:

  • Role or Person
  • Current, Waiting, Future or Done
  • List or Grid View

Need to Search?  You can also use this circle view to search through the list of projects for the circle.  

Review a Circle Member's Projects?  The above interface is also where you can view projects held by other members and their status.