By design GlassFrog language settings are configured at the organization level.  

See this FAQ on how to enable an available language.   

The reason for making the language setting organization-wide is because a great deal of the use of GlassFrog is done in shared meetings (and the summary emails from these) where a language common to all involved must be used.   Otherwise such meetings would be confusing to many participants!

To Temporarily Switch the User's Language

There is also a way for an individual to temporarily switch their interface - if the GlassFrog organization has not yet be set to a specified language. This will only work for currently supported languages  and their codes, which are:   

Please follow the example below to make this temporary setting.

  • The typical GlassFrog address looks like this (with the number "5" being replaced by your organization's number:  
  • To see this same organization translated into French, replace the "app" in the address with "FR", as in this example:  

  • Use the codes from the table above for the language you desire. 

Note that this will present the application-generated content in French, but leave the text input by clients in the original language:

To Reverse this Setting

  • Set the address back to use "app" instead of "FR" for French.