Looking to switch to a translated version of GlassFrog and want to understand what text is translated? You've come to the right place.

What is translated:

  • Content that is generated by the GlassFrog application itself is translated. 
  • This includes menu items, core role names, labels, tool tips, email notifications and the like.
  • Habit Support Program available in French only at this time.

What is not translated?

  • Habit Support Program: The program is currently being translated into German and Polish. Please check back at a later time for other languages.
  • Any content created by members while using GlassFrog remains in the language in which it was entered.
    So in the example below, most of the Circle and Role names are in French, however where these were input in English (for instance the "Training Factory" circle name) they will remain in English.

Looking for which languages are currently supported? Please see this FAQ.

Want to see GlassFrog translated into your language, or help with such translations? Please contact us at support@glassfrog.com