Welcome to the GlassFrog Holacracy Habit Support Program!  This FAQ will help you get started and familiarize you with the program so you will know what to expect.

Habit Support is a GlassFrog Premium feature.  How do I upgrade my organization to Premium?

Table of Contents

Enabling Habit Support

If your account has Administrator privileges within your GlassFrog organization, you will see "Manage Holacracy® Habit Support Program" menu item under the "Admin" tab. Select this item and the following will appear:

What will selecting the “Enable Holacracy Habits” button do?

By default, this automatically enrolls any new members of your organization to the program. While this feature is recommended, if you would like to turn this off for new members, uncheck the box next to “Automatically enroll new members” and select Update. You can always enroll or unenroll members individually. See more below.

Turning on Habit Support for all existing members

You can enable Habit Support for everyone in your organization in two ways.

1) By placing a check next to “Name” in the Choose Member to Enroll” section. This will automatically select all currently unenrolled members.

Then select the “Enroll Members” button. You will see a confirmation of the enrollment that looks similar to this:

2) Or, you can save a few steps and just select the "Enroll # members" button, and all remaining GlassFrog members will receive an invitation to the Habit Support program!

Turning on Habit Support for select members

To choose individual members to enroll in the program, uncheck the box next to “Name” and check the boxes next to the members that you wish to enroll. This can be done in any combination.

Then, as above, select the “Enroll Members” button and you will see a confirmation of the newly added members and those that can be enrolled at a later time, if desired.

Turning on Habit Support by Circle

GlassFrog also now allows an Administrator to turn on lessons for an entire circle at one time.   

Simply select the "Enroll Members by Circle" button: 

Then select the circle or circles that you would like to enroll, and select "Enroll Members":

Stopping the Habit Support Program

There are several ways to affect the progress of the Habit Support Program which are outlined below:

1) Members can turn off email notifications

Each member of your organization has the option to stop the Habit Support emails by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link in any of the emails sent to them.

This will have the effect of removing notifications, however the Habit Support lessons will still continue for that member. They can view the current lesson in GlassFrog by going to the Holacracy Help selection which is found just to the left of their avatar and account name. Here they will find their most recent lessons, or view all lessons.

2) Administrators can stop the Habit Program from advancing

To pause the Habit Support Program and halt the lessons at their current place for all members, an Administrator can select the “Pause Holacracy Habit Program” button.

Selecting this disables the program but retains everyone’s place in the lesson plans. That way if (hopefully when!) it’s time to turn the program back on, members can pick up where they left off.

3) Administrators can unenroll an individual member

To discontinue Habit Support for an individual member of your organization, select the “Unenroll” button for that person:

Selecting the “unenroll” button will result in the progress of any lessons already completed being removed. Consequently, GlassFrog will warn you of this in case it results in undesired behavior:

That's it! The Holacracy® Habit Support Program – Designed by expert Holacracy coaches to help you build the skills and habits needed to get the most out of your Holacracy practice.