GlassFrog now supports multiple languages, currently English, French, German, Dutch and Polish!  

An administrator in your GlassFrog organization can switch the language by using the Organization Settings menu found on the Admin tab:

Then select the appropriate language from the Language drop down and clicking "Update Settings": 

With this setting all of GlassFrog's internal text will display in the new language.  
  • In the screenshot below, HolacracyOne's organization language has been set to French.   
  • All members of the organization will see the internal text displayed in French. 
  • Emails sent to circle members will also be in the language set for the organization. 

- Circle names and other manually entered text is not translated by this feature.
- The Habit Support content for our existing languages is in the process of being translated.  

  • Don't see your language?  Request additional language (or help to translate!) by emailing your request to: