GlassFrog supports multiple languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Polish, and Chinese!  (Hindustani, and Portuguese are in progress.)

There are two ways to switch languages. The first way is that Admins can switch the default language setting for the whole organization. The second way is that individual users can switch which language they see at any given time, simply by changing the URL.  


This article is about Admins changing the default language setting. Click here for the article that explains how to change the URL to display GlassFrog in other languages.

Admins can switch the default language by choosing "Organization Settings" in the Admin menu:

Then find the "Language" drop-down, select the appropriate language, and click "Update Settings": 

After you press the button to update the settings, a box should appear in the top navigation bar, offering to let you switch to your preferred language.  You should press that button.


All of the GlassFrog-supplied text will then display in the new language. However, no change will be made to user-entered content such as circle names, etc.


You may find it useful to change your bookmarks, to point to GlassFrog in the new language. You can bookmark the page after using the button that switches to your native language, or else see this article to learn how to change the URL to see your preferred language at any point.

  • Emails will be sent by GlassFrog in the organization's default language. 

  • The Holacracy Habit Support Program has been fully translated into French and Polish.  We also have a German translation in progress.

    • Don't see your language available in GlassFrog?  Put in a vote for adding another language by emailing your request to: