If you are an admin of your organization, then you can set the preferred default language for the whole organization. 

Click here if you'e not an admin and want to change the language for your own account.

GlassFrog currently supports the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Spanish (please contact us at support@glassfrog.com for languages not listed here).

  • To set the default language, click on "Organization Settings" in the Admin menu:

  • In the "Language" drop-down, select the appropriate language, and click on the "Update Settings" button: 

  • After you press the button to update the settings, a link will appear on the top of the left sidebar. Click on it to make the language switch effective.

  • All of the GlassFrog-supplied text will then display in the new language. However, no change will be made to user-entered content such as circle names, etc.

  • You may find it useful to change your bookmarks, to point to GlassFrog in the new language. You can bookmark the page after using the button that switches to your preferred language.

  • Emails will be sent by GlassFrog in the organization's default language. 

  • The Holacracy Habit Support Program has been fully translated into French and Polish.  We also have a German translation in progress.