GlassFrog supports one-way integration with external third party applications.  To add an email integration between GlassFrog and a third party application, navigate to the "Integrations" menu under your User Menu in the upper right corner of GlassFrog.

GlassFrog will send an email message to any address you add to this list when there are relevant outputs in Tactical Meetings.

Enter the email address where you would like GlassFrog to send integration notifications:

Most third party project management applications can be configured to create entries from an email.  

If your third-party solution requires emails to come from a specific email address (such as Asana), you will need to set up forwarding with your email provider.  When the email from GlassFrog arrives in your inbox, your forwarding rule will send the email to your third party application.  Follow this link for instructions to accomplish this in Gmail:  Automatically forward Gmail messages to another account