You can add or change the purpose of your organization by changing the purpose of your largest circle.

  • First, navigate to the circle page for the largest circle.  (You can get there by clicking on the circle's name in the organization chart.)
  • Once you're on the circle page, look for a "gear" icon to the left of the Start Meeting button. (The gear icon will only show up if you are the Lead Link of the circle, or the Secretary, or an Admin.)

  • Once you click the gear icon, you can choose "Edit Circle Settings", and a dialogue will pop up that will let you add or update the purpose of your organization, as well as add accountabilities, add/change the Lead Link for the largest circle, and change a number of other settings. 

  • Please note that the above screenshot is taken from an organization using premium GlassFrog.  A free organization will show fewer options in that dialogue box, but all organizations are able to change their purpose.