Some organizations find the need to create a new outer circle, or "Anchor Circle".    In HolacracyOne's case (see our organization chart as an example),  the outer circle is called the "Board Circle" and immediately within that is the "General Company Circle" and "People & Partnership" circles.   If your company has a similar need, and you would like to add a new outer circle, follow the steps below. 

  • To accomplish this, first open a Governance Meeting in the outermost circle and create a new circle.  This circle will contain everything in the organization except the outer most circle, so you might want to name it something like: "Board".  See also:  How do I create a circle?

  • Example organization starting point:

  • When you click the  "Make this role a circle" option a set of checkboxes will appear, giving you the option to move all of the policies and roles and circles into your new circle.  Check all of these using "Select All" and accept the proposal.

Now your outermost circle will have a new circle inside of it that contains everything. The outermost circle has only the basic elected roles, and optionally a lead link.   
  • You will also notice that the outer circle needs a new name after this change. 

    The final step is to rename the outer most circle.   The Secretary or GlassFrog Admin can do this outside of a governance meeting by clicking the Gear Icon on the outermost circle "Blue Wing", in this example.  

  • Use the resulting dialogue to change the outer most circle Name and Short Name. And then Save. 

    Here is what the final outcome looks like in our example: