With the exception of the Lead Link of the largest circle, Lead Links are assigned just like any other role. To check how to assign a Lead Link to the Anchor's circle, click here.

The Lead Link assignment for a sub-circle must be made from the parent circle.
This is because a circle, from its parent circle's point of view, is just another role. 

You need to be an administrator of the organization or Secretary or Lead Linkk of the parent circle to be able to perform this task. If you do not see the icons indicated below, you do not have permission to perform this type of action. In that case, ask an admin for help.

  • In the example below, "Market Place" is the sub-circle for parent circle "GCC":

  • To assign a Lead link to "Market Place", go to your GCC circle, click on the Roles tab and within that page find the person icon with the plus sign, to the right of the role "Market Place":

  • Enter the name of the member and click "Assign Lead Link" to confirm.

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